Sun Country Biochar Solution

Improve your soil's nutrient and water retention with Biochar

Biochar is a very low cost soil amendment that greatly improves quality of soil, increases water retention, reduces fertilizer leaching, and ultimately increases the plant yield. Adding biochar to your soil creates a storage system for nutrients, moisture, and beneficial microbes; together they work to feed plant roots more effectively.

Increase soil water retention
Improves plant health & yield
Creates a home for beneficial microbes
Increase nutrient retention
Carbon negative
Keeps carbon in soil for 100’s of years


The use of biochar in soils contributes to a healthy planet by balancing carbon in the atmosphere and the soil.  


  Gardens   Vegetables
  Fields   Fruit
  Lawns   and more!


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Get the most out of your garden with organic fertilizer and biochar

Our recommended application involves blending biochar with organic fertilizer. This blended application will significantly increase the soil productivity and enhance the value of biochar amendments. Recommended biochar to compost blend ratios are approximately 80% compost to 20% biochar by volume. Recommended blending of biochar directly to soils is 80% soil to 20% biochar/organic fertilizer blend by volume.

Since biochar does not decompose rapidly, only one application will be required for each area of garden or field. Can be applied as directed any season of the year.